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The investment policy is to achieve stable returns with low volatility by investing mainly in structured, subordinated and high yield bonds principally listed on the European Stock Exchanges. The Fund invests also in government, corporate and supranational bonds worldwide directly or through financial derivatives. Appropriate hedging instruments allow the Fund to stabilize the expected returns of these investments and to reduce overall risks. Financial derivatives include most common financial derivative instruments like bond futures, equity or index options, fx futures listed in European and American exchanges.

For further informations, please download SCM Stable Return Strategy Doc.

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Subscription Forms

Please, send the compiled form to one of these addresses:

(the company)

c/o Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services Limited
Ewropa Business Centre
Dun Karm Street
BKR 9034

(OR the Payment Agent)

c/o Société Générale Securities Services S.p.A.
Via S. Chiara 19

Please, send the compiled form to this address:

c/o Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services Limited
Ewropa Business Centre
Dun Karm Street
Birkirkara BKR 9034


Solutions Capital Managemenet SICAV plc is a limited liability company with variable share capital registered under the laws of Malta and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority in terms of the Investment Services Act (Chapter 370 of the Laws of Malta, License - Passporting ).

Company Structure

Solutions Capital Management SICAV p.l.c. is a collective investment scheme established as a multifund investment company with variable share capital (SICAV) with limited liability registered under the laws of Malta and licensed by the MFSA under the ISA. The Company qualifies as a ‘Maltese UCITS’ in terms of the UCITS Regulations. The Company is expected to consist of several Sub-Funds, each of which will be capitalised through the issue of one or more Classes of Investor Shares. The capital raised for each Sub-Fund will be invested in line with its investment objectives, subject to its investment policies and restrictions.

Segregated Assets

The Company is structured with segregated liability between its Sub-Funds pursuant to Maltese law and accordingly, the assets of one Sub-Fund will not generally be available to meet the liabilities of another. Under Maltese law, the creditors of that Sub-Fund whose liabilities exceed its assets shall have no claim or right of action against the assets of the other Sub-Funds and of the Company and the legal status of each SubFund as having segregated assets and liabilities from each of the other Sub-Funds should be respected in any proceedings under the Companies Act related to either the dissolution and consequential winding-up of the Company or its reconstruction. Furthermore such proceedings instituted under the Companies Act should apply in the same way to each Sub-Fund as though it were a distinct legal entity and with such modifications as are necessary in view of the fact that a Sub-Fund is not a company. Any such proceedings in relation to any one Sub-Fund should not have any effect on the assets of any other Sub-Fund or of the Company. The Directors will hold or cause to be held such separate accounts, records, statements and other documents as may be necessary to evidence the liabilities and assets of each Sub-Fund as distinct and separate from the assets and liabilities of all the other Sub-Funds. If classes of Investor Shares are issued in the same Sub-Fund, all assets and liabilities of each such class of Investor Shares would form part of the total assets and liabilities of the Sub-Fund of which such a class of Investor Shares forms part. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company is a single legal entity which may operate or have assets held on its behalf or be subject to claims in other jurisdictions which may not necessarily recognise such segregation and in such circumstances the assets of one Sub-Fund may be exposed to the liabilities of another. There is no guarantee that the courts of any jurisdiction outside Malta will respect the limitations on liability associated with segregated account companies.

Offer Documents

The Offer of Investor Shares in any Sub-Fund of the Company is governed by this Prospectus as the same may be amended and updated from time to time. This Prospectus is accompanied by an Offering Supplement issued in connection with the offer of Investor Shares in the Stable Return Fund (referred to as the “Present Sub-Fund”). The Investment Manager has also issued one or more KIIDs in respect of the Present Sub-Funds. When Investor Shares in other Sub-Funds are issued in the future, this Prospectus will be accompanied by an Offering Supplement for each new Sub-Fund. The Investment Manager will also issue one or more KIIDs in respect of new Sub-Funds.

New Classes

The Company may issue new Classes of Investor Shares which may be constituted as segregated Sub-Funds or new Classes of Investor Shares within existing Sub-Funds, which may be designated in various currencies. The assets of the said Sub-Funds may be managed utilising different strategies or methodologies, or by investing in different markets. This Prospectus is to be at all times accompanied by an Offering Supplement for each Sub-Fund which is the subject of the Offering. Offerings in other Sub-Funds may be made again in the future. Information about SubFunds other than the ones referred to herein may be obtained from the Administrator.

Investment Objective, Policies and Restrictions

Details of the specific investment objective and policies for each Sub-Fund will be formulated by the Directors at the time of creation of the Sub-Fund and will be stated in the related Offering Supplement. There is no guarantee that any of the investment objectives will be met

Investment Risks

Shareholders should be aware that the Sub-Funds in the Company are designed to achieve particular economic targets related to the strategies stated for the particular Sub-Fund and implemented by that Sub-Fund. Such strategies may carry with them particular risks that are not typical of equity or bond funds. The Shareholder is urged to review carefully the risk factors stated for the Sub-Funds in the relevant part of this Prospectus and any specific risk factors relative to any particular Sub-Fund which may be stated in the Offering Supplement for such Sub-Fund.

Management of the Company

The Company has appointed AQA Capital Ltd as its investment manager. The Investment Manager will be responsible for the management of the business and activities of the Company. The Investment Manager has also delegated certain administrative functions to the Administrator. AQA Capital ltd is an innovative, independent asset management company which provides investment management services and distribution for UCITS and AIF funds. AQA offers tailor-made investment solutions to partners like banking institutions, family offices and HNWI. Defined by a focus on asset management, AQA Capital is expert in equities, fixed income, alternatives and versatile portfolios.

The Company has appointed SCM Sim Spa as its sub investment manager. SCM Sim spa, listed on Italian Stock Exchange, market AIM Italia, in July 2016, is a Private Banking and Wealth Management firm which operates with a Multi-Family Office logic and a business model, unique in Italy, based on independence, transparency and attractive pricing. The company provides bespoke portfolio management and investment advice services on the client’s all-embracing wealth and assets, without having custody of clients’ assets. The Wealth Management division is the flagship service provided by the Company and is organized according to the model of a Family Office services firm. SCM Sim is headquartered at Via Gonzaga, 3 – 20123 in Milan, with 15 employees and provides its services through a network of 30 bankers at year-end 2016, with offices in Rome, Latina, Verona, Padua, Bergamo and London. Total Assets Under Management were nearly €1,1 bn at 2016 year-end, for over 500 clients. The Sub-Investment Manager was incorporated in Italy and is authorized and issued share capital is presently EUR 2.077.714,00 and its registered office is situated at Via Maurizio Gonzaga n. 3 20123 Milano Italy. The Company is licensed by the CONSOB (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa) to provide financial advisory to retail and institutional clients, placement of financial products and investment management services (License Number 272, Delibera: 17202 of 2 March 2010, ) and qualifies as a Italian Investment Company (called SIM, Società d’intermediazione Mobiliare) in terms of the Investment Services Act Regulations (D. LGS 58/98).



171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT1455, MALTA


Retail class distribution

Via Gonzaga, 3, 20123, Milano, Italy
+39 02 006 33 300